Florida Medicare for Disability

Florida Medicare is available to individuals for the following reasons:

  • Have been on Social Security disability for 24 months;
  • You are a disabled widow or widower between age 50 and age 65, but have not applied for disability benefits because you are already getting another kind of Social Security benefit;
  • You are a government employee and became disabled before age 65;
  • You, your spouse or your dependent child has permanent kidney failure;
  • You receive a disability pension from the railroad retirement board and meet certain conditions; or,
  • Receive Social Security disability benefits because you have Lou Gehrig’s disease.

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When am I eligible to collect Medicare disability benefits?

Social security disability recipients are eligible to receive medicare benefits two years after their date of entitlement. The date of entitlement is essentially the EOD (established onset date), plus the five month waiting period.

The EOD is the date that Social Security established as the date your disability started.

Now add five months to this date. That is what they consider the date of entitlement.

You are eligible for Medicare two years after this entitlement date.

For example, if your EOD was January 1, 2008, the entitlement date would be June 1, 2008. You would be eligible for Medicare on June 1, 2010.

Can I obtain a Medicare supplement if I am on Medicare disability?

Yes, you absolutely can. Florida passed a law that requires any insurance company that offers Medicare supplements in Florida to also cover you as well. However, the rates tend to be higher.

When can I get a Medicare supplement if I receive Medicare disability?

The open enrollment period is just like anyone else on Medicare. You can apply three months prior to your Medicare eligibility date, the month you are eligible and three months after that.

What about prescriptions?

Prescriptions are covered by Part D and the cost for this program varies. Please read ourMedicare Prescription Coverage page.

Where do I get a quote and applications for a Medicare Supplement for disability?

We can provide the quote to you on the phone. It only takes a few minutes. Then we will email, mail or fax the necessary forms to you.

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